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Brief History

Teamwork makes the dream work. This well-known mantra perfectly fits the story of Bethel-Vanguard Construction Group's (BVCG) dynamic core of leaders Bruce Patterson, Sharonn Thomas Pope, and Allen Redic.  They all grew up in Philadelphia, living in faith-based households with hard-working parents who instilled in them the essence of hard work, integrity, and faith while teaching them various construction trades, general business, and people skills.  Struggling through life, experiencing the ups and downs while resisting and surviving the inner city streets, they pressed forward, staying on course with their respective dreams to become successful entrepreneurs. Sharonn made super strides and accomplishments in Real Estate and Property Management, while Bruce and Allen matriculated and excelled in Business Administration and Construction. As minorities striving and working in an extremely competitive and unfavorable environment, they encountered numerous challenges and barriers that were very difficult to overcome. However, through hard work, determination, and perseverance, they were able to survive, defy the odds, and emerge to become one of Philadelphia’s Premier Minority Owned Construction and Development Firms. 


The team and the dream are working, and it is even stronger now. The future is brighter as BVCG makes moves and progresses in this exciting new age of innovative and creative construction and development. BVCG is poised and positioned to soar to the highest heights making a positive impact on the construction world. 

Construction Management

The Bethel-Vanguard team has earned a reputation in the industry as being passionate and intentional in its approach to Construction Management. We study to know every detail concerning our client’s expectations as well as the project’s construction plans and specifications. Our experienced team of professionals uses high-quality project management techniques and software to oversee the planning, design, and construction in order to ensure progress, timeliness, safety, and successful completion. Our clients know that they can rely on us, and they trust us with their projects. They recognize that the Bethel Vanguard Team is committed to working hard and leaving no stone unturned in order to get the job done with safely and with quality and excellence. 

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General Contracting

Understanding the fact that every construction project is unique and distinct in and of itself, BVCG takes extra special care in focusing on the critical details, aspects, and conditions of every project. We pay very close attention to the specific requirements, which in turn may necessitate the use of certain specific methods, equipment, oversight, and expertise to complete a project. We, therefore, endeavor to ensure that we provide the right “tools” needed to get the job done. Cost control, schedule, safety, and quality are paramount, and we maintain zero tolerance for deviation or compromise with regard to these critical facets of the project. Our Cost Controllers, Project Managers, Superintendents, Field auditors, Safety Managers, and administrative staff are all held to the very highest standard of excellence, and they fully understand that superior service and customer satisfaction are not only our committed goals; it’s our DNA. It is who we ARE. 

Design Build

Our Design/Build services are designed to ensure budget and damage control are maintained while mitigating risks and delays that intimately impact costs and the final delivery of the project.  Our comprehensive team of experts, comprised of architects, engineers, subcontractors, and design consultants, collaborate and engage in intense and productive dialogue to ensure clients receive transparency, clarity, and consistency in all communications. Thus reinforcing the client's trust that there will be adherence to details and other critical factors during the design/build process. This makes Bethel Vanguard well-equipped to service and handle your next Design/Build project. 

Construction Sites
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Property Maintenance and Management

Renovations & Interiors

BVCG has the experience and skills to work effectively on various scales of projects with a wide range of clients, designers, suppliers, and subcontractors. BVCG is flexible, reliable, and available for on-call and special order work requests, and we pride ourselves on meeting schedules and objectives for non-typical and emergency services.


Whether you need a partial or total renovation or rehab, an addition, miscellaneous carpentry, flooring, painting, masonry, concrete, paving, selected demolition, repair, or general property maintenance, our dedicated and multifaceted team of property maintenance professionals can handle it. BVCG can also provide full-service property management for your commercial and residential properties. We have licensed realtors and property managers with more than 50 years of combined experience in our team. 

Some of our satisfied property maintenance clients are as follows: 

  • GEIS Realty

  • Wells Fargo

  • Shell Point Mortgage

  • Dakota Asset Services

  • Reverse Mortgage Solutions

  • Good Shepherd Partners

  • Penn Medicine 

  • Jefferson Health

  • University of Pennsylvania

  • Chestnut Hill Hospital

  • Global Green Property Services

  • Cross River Realty


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